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What Makes Lithium Ion Batteries So Great?

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Lithium ion batteries are becoming more common in the industrial sector and paves the way for a more efficient and sustainable future.

Advantages Of Lithium Ion Energy – The modern Energy

Lithium ion is a relatively new rechargeable battery chemistry that is becoming more common. The batteries have a longer lifetime, better charging capabilities and are safer to use than the traditional lead-acid battery technology. Lithium ion has the capability to store more energy in a smaller, lighter footprint, deliver full power to its maximum depth of discharge, and recharge faster and more often. The need for energy storage continues to increase as energy production from renewable sources, such as wind and solar, becomes more common. Lithium ion batteries are also a more environmentally friendly technology, which complements renewable resource technology.

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The technology behind lithium

Lithium batteries use different electrode materials extract energy from lithium ions moving between the electrodes in the battery. By using different compositions in anode and cathode materials and electrolyte, the battery delivers different performance parameters.

Micropower uses the lithium ion battery chemistry NCA (lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide) that is standard in the automotive industry, and provides world-class performance, energy density and safety. The system is based on battery modules that make it possible to configure and commission advanced and secure battery systems quickly, with reduced shipping and inventory.

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The modular Lithium ion battery system

Micropower launched the flexible and modular Lithium ion BRIX concept in 2017, which enables customers to configure and assemble batteries according to specific application demands. Together with Micropower's well-known battery chargers and system solutions, Micropower can offer the industry a complete Lithium ion battery system with the possibility of full integration - all developed and manufactured here in Sweden. 

Lithium ion battery solutions manufactured in Sweden

Micropower's modern, fully automated battery factory in Växjö, was built to manufacture Lithium ion products and systems for energy storage to meet our customers' needs and the increased market demands. Our highly efficient facility was thoughtfully designed to have the lowest possible environmental impact for a common sustainable future. 

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