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Cleaning Machines

Electric powered cleaning machines for demanding applications

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Keeping work environments clean and safe is essential in the modern workplace. Micropower offers reliable power solutions to keep electric cleaning machinery up and running.


Reliable power

Micropower's robust systems and products for batteries and battery charging are up to the challenge for providing industrial cleaning machines with the reliable power that they need. We know vibrations, water and tough usage are a part of the everyday conditions. That is why Micropower has made sure that the batteries and chargers are tough enough for your everyday usage and have a high IP classification to support it.

  • Complete battery and charging system
  • Robust design for demanding applications
  • High IP classification

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Complete and flexible lithium ion systems

Specify Micropower’s complete and flexible system solution to provide you with all the components you need to keep your machines running. Micropower offers stand-alone Li-ion battery solutions as well as complete and fully machine integrated systems to meet your needs.

  • Industry proven and preferred lithium ion battery chemistry 
  • Stand-alone or fully integrated machine systems
  • Redundancy and safety at all levels 

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System Solutions

Connect our products to your reality

Optimize your fleet’s batteries and charging by connecting them to a Fleet Management System. Gain control and improve your operations through automatic data transfer and analysis, and let the system alert you when needed, based on your own customized settings. Access information wherever and whenever you want, through your smartphone or laptop.

All of Micropower's products are compatible with the GET Fleet Management System. By creating your own fleet settings you can connect your devices and communicate with them via NFC technology or through WiFi and our cloud solution. Visualize your fleet’s batteries by creating a customized cloud-based dashboard that automatically follows up on your set KPIs.

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Battery Charger

Battery Charger Guide

We help you find the right battery charger for your cleaing machine. Use the Micropower charger guide to find the right battery charger for your battery and business.

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Can't find a solution for you application?

We know that a standard product is not always the best answer. We have a long history of creating custom solutions and products. If you can’t find a battery charging system for your cleaning machine – contact us.

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News & Updates

After successful testing, Atab has implemented the functionality in the project.

With its expertise, Micropower is able to provide a comprehensive energy supply solution that puts the needs of the customer first.

The first sod is broken for Micropower's new facility in Växjö!

Finally, construction is officially underway and we took a ceremonial first sod break. Or rather, three.