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We are a part of something greater


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Our systems and products are a part of a larger context. We know that what we do carries great responsibilities - to our customers, the environment and our common future.


You can always count on us

Everything Micropower does is with quality in mind. It's the basis for our future development and the cornerstone of our history. We take great pride in meeting or exceeding your requirements on every order. We demand that our high standards are met from our trusted vendor partners, in every aspect of manufacturing and in delivering on time. Our production philosophy is based on LEAN/TPS. 

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Code of Conduct

We are committed to being a long-term, honest and fair, respected partner in the business and societies we act in.

The DNA of Micropower is to be long-term in everything we do – quality, relationships, product development – or in other words – Sustainable.

This Code of Conduct is putting words on our strong culture and outlining the base of how we in Micropower act and what can be expected from us. We, the employees of Micropower, have an obligation and responsibility to represent the company and these values, both by letter and spirit, at all time.

Code of Conduct PDF

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Sustainable products for a healthy environment

Micropower's greatest contribution to our environment is delivering products that increase the lifetime of batteries and reducing the waste handling of consumed batteries. Constant development of our products makes sure that we minimize our environmental impact. The sustainable perspective is always an important part in our development and distribution process.

We and our customers have high environmental requirements. The lowest level is always the legislation, but we always want to be better than that. Our suppliers, our staff and our management takes pride in living up to the Micropower Sustainability Policy.

Sustainability Report 2023

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Niklas Claesson
Niklas Claesson



Picture of Therese Adenmark, Director of Sustainability, Micropower Group
Therese Adenmark

Director of Sustainability


News & Updates

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