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GET - Fleet Management System


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Micropower wants you to get the most out of your business, that includes your battery and charging fleet. Therefore, we have made it possible to optimize your daily operations with our fleet management system.


One system for your batteries and battery chargers

Micropower believes that having only one fleet management system for everything is both easier for the user and better for the business. We have designed our GET fleet management system to give you total control and the complete information to optimize your electrical fleet from a single source. The GET fleet management system automatically transfers, analyzes, controls and notifies you based on your own settings, giving you time to think about other duties.

  • Automatic functionality based on custiomized settings
  • Remote access to real-time data
  • Monitor and handles the entire battery and battery charger fleet

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Simplified service and maintenance

Service calls are expensive for the customer and time consuming for you. With Micropower's GET system you can improve installation and configuration by using the NFC technology interface on the products to copy settings between devices while on site. Interactive troubleshooting guides at Micropower Support Center via the GET App can further streamline service calls, reducing downtime and saving money.

  • Decrease downtime 
  • Remote access via GET App (iOS / Android)
  • Reduce cost 

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Scalable solutions matching your business

If you have an electrical fleet at one site close to your head office or if you have hundreds spread globally - GET is the perfect choice for you. By cataloguing your fleets based on location or other parameters, you get full control – no matter the size of your business. Structure it, select your KPIs and the system will automatically handle the rest.

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Tablet with GET System

1. Automatic control without interference

Data is automatically uploaded and analyzed, while the system gives you notifications when needed based on your own settings and KPI. The system controls your electrical fleet and gives you time to focus on other tasks.

2. One single system for batteries and battery chargers

GET provides complete data from batteries and battery chargers to give you the information you need to optimize your business. Exclusive remote access and real-time data to ensure that your electrical fleet always is operating at peak efficiency.

3. Organize your battery and charger fleets in every facility

Whether you have one battery and charger fleet or if you have a hundred spread globally, GET will keep you organized. With cloud-based remote access and user-friendly navigation, you can catalogue your fleets, create user-friendly dashboards for visualization and follow your whole business remotely.

How GET fleet management system works

All Micropower products are compatible with the GET fleet management system. Create a fleet by connecting your devices and communicate with them via NFC technology and the GET app or remotely through our cloud portal . You get automated real-time access data, analysis and notifications on your selected KPI and can visualize your entire fleet by creating a dashboard.

A man with a laptop showing the GET System
The modern power source

Can’t find a solution for your application?

We know that a standard product is not always the best answer. We have a long history of creating custom solutions and products. If you can’t find a battery charging system for your application – contact us.

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Tomas Sturesson

Global Product Manager - Software and Solutions


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