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Complete Battery and Battery Charging Supplier

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Our vision is that Micropower shall be the world leader in industrial systems and products for battery and battery charging.

What We Do

Part of Something Greater

We are a world leading manufacturer, producer and distributor of unique solutions for battery chargers, power supplies and modular Li-ion battery systems. We started out as a supplier of battery chargers and power supplies. Now we are one of the world's largest suppliers of battery and battery charger systems and products with installations all over the world. We are the market leader in Northern Europe and deliver more than 500,000 battery chargers, Li-ion batteries and power supplies to customers and retailers globally.

We are always a part of something bigger - our system solutions and products power the innovation and advancements worldwide. That is Micropower at its best - and what pushes us forward.


The Story of Micropower

The future is in charging, energy storage and power supply. That’s the idea that gave birth to Micropower on a spring day in 1984. It all started off in a small garage in the village of Tävelsås, province of Småland, Southern Sweden. Since then we have revolutionized the whole industry with the belief that there always is a better way.

With that same belief we continue to challenge and push innovation and the industry towards the future. With great engineers and committed coworkers we have created a company that delivers more than powerful products. Today, Micropower is a full scale system supplier taking responsibility for the whole supply chain, from products to integration and connectivity - creating a complete system to our customers.


Research and Development

We are constantly looking for new ways to solve our customers’ challenges. With over 40 engineers working at our R&D centers in Sweden and Finland we make sure our new developments maintain our high standards and quality requirements.

Our R&D department develops new systems and products, both unique customer specific solutions, and new products for our standard range. We test all kinds of conditions at our facilities, including EMC measurements and simulate variations in voltage and frequency, in a safe and reliable lab environment.

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Quality and Sustainability

Our Responsibility for a Sustainable Future

Our systems and products are a part of a larger context. We know that what we do carries great responsibilities - to our customers, the environment and our common future. Therefore social, environmental and financial sustainability is a high priority in our organization, from the way we deliver our products to making sure that batteries live longer tomorrow than today.

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Our Values

How We Take On the World

Our core values are the foundation of our company that guides and unites us. They originated in 1984 and grown with us as Micropower has grown to become a world-wide leader. Our common values make sure that we share the same views on business ethics, quality, environment and workplace.

Our four core values are Customer focus, Quality, Non-wasteful behavior and a We-attitude.

How Do We Work?

Micropower Group is a privately owned Swedish group consisting of nine subsidiaries with a global presence. The head office is located in Växjö, Sweden, where the majority of facilities and subsidiaries are based.

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