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We offer custom solutions in power supply, Li-ion batteries and battery charging technology. With experience from industries with the toughest requirements, such as medical services and the military, operational safety is always top priority.

Custom Solutions

When Standard Is Not Enough

We know that sometimes customization is key. When needed we love to challenge the laws of physics by developing systems and products based on your needs for power supply and battery charging. Our solutions are designed and adapted to specific requirements and have been developed in collaboration with customers. We are experts in:

  • Custom made solutions
  • Leading technology platforms
  • Custom power products

Engineer working on a custom electric solution for industry usage.

Custom Offerings

From Concept To Finished Product

We take your power solution from concept through joint project execution, testing and certification to a serial produced product. Our ODM services enable you to produce a branded product without having to engage the organization or running of a factory. 

Product Lifecycle Management

We make sure to maintain production during the product lifetime, including following changes in regulatory requirements and material availability. 

ODM/OEM Services

Our standard custom power offerings are divided into two categories based upon the level of customization, volume scenario and selection of production site.

  • Original Design Manufacturing Services: development of a custom product based upon Micropower custom platform. This allows maximum customization.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturing Services: customization of an existing certified custom product where our customer has a choice to rebrand the product. This allows for a limited customization in software, cable, color and labeling.

Engineers in a meeting at a conference table with laptops and mobile.

Custom Platforms

Proven and Flexible Technology Platforms

Innovations and the development of platforms are used through-out Micropowers complete product range and through our OEM/ODM custom power offerings. Benefits of using a custom platform based development approach are:

  • Shorter leadtime in development
  • Reuse of already proven technology
  • Flexible for customized variants with low effort
  • Reuse of existing production processes
Our platforms are technology platforms with high degree of reuse and modularity. Established through innovation process and contains solutions for high frequency switched power conversion. All platforms can be analog or digitally controlled and can modular scale from power supplies to chargers by just adding a charge control function to the power supply. Scaling between power supply and charger functionality requires a wide regulation capability in the high frequency switch which are included in our own switching technology. Demanding applications appreciates the high peak power capability and functionality where the output power decline in overload situation vs the more common instant shut down of output power. 

An electrical engineer building a custom platform.

Custom Products

Our Custom Battery Chargers and Li-ion Batteries

We offer a broad range of products that can be customized for each customer’s need or used as is. The power range for individual charger modules range from 100-3200W. By combining several modules in parallel or series system solutions up to 10kW or more can be created.

See All Custom Products

Engineer working on a custom electrical solution

Custom Solutions Examples

Complex power solutions

When there is a need to combine charging, Li-ion batteries, AC/DC and DC/DC conversions and that monitoring and control takes place through communication standards.

DC/DC power solutions

For products that need DC/DC conversion in power supply and charging that are robust, compact, have high efficiency as well as power output per volume.

Embedded power solutions

For built-in power supply or charging with strict requirements for EMC demands, high component efficiency and efficiency.

External power solutions

When the needs are stand-alone units for power supply or charging with separate certification, reusability and refinement. Here, the industrial design is completely adapted to your needs.

Engineer working on a custom electrical solution

Custom Platform Examples

AC/DC Power Platforms

AC/DC power platforms is fundamental of our power conversion offerings and thus the range in offerings are wide incl. 1-phase or 3-phase systems between 30W to 12KW. AC/DC power platforms include one step conversion with passive PFC from 80W to 450W and two step conversion with active PFC from 150W to 12KW. One step conversion provides reductions in component count and cost efficiency while two step provides flexibility in optimizing the conversion in multiple domains. Our AC/DC power platforms have high to ultra-high efficiency and supports the toughest EMC requirements in medical, industry and defense applications.

DC/DC Power Platforms

Our DC/DC power platform incl. both fully galvanic isolated and non-isolated power conversion in the range from 60W to 1500W. The platforms come in multiple input and output ranges with a minimal footprint through high usage of surface mount technologies. Surface mount is also used for our isolated DC/DC power platforms where the isolation barrier use surface mountable or PCB integrated planar transformers. The non-isolated platform offers lower cost, higher efficiency, and greater output power with simplified cooling. These non-isolated devices also can operate from wide input ranges and have wide output adjustment. With or without isolation the platforms will meet the highest efficiency requirements. Together with the integrated filters and input protection a compact custom specific DC/DC converter can be realized or used as a building element in a complex power solution. 

A custom platform for electric ACDC-applications.

Digital Power Platforms

Our digital power platform with a range from 150 W to 1500W provides a robust AC/DC platform for power supply and chargers. It is ideal for demanding industrial power supply and charging applications but can also be customized for other environments. The digital power platform offers several benefits incl. easy customization, high energy efficiency optimization, external communication/configuration and material cost reduction via functional integration.

Mobility Power Platforms

Our mobility power platforms provide power both when connected to a power grid and off grid through the integration of power storage elements. This combined solutions incl. charging capability, multiple output power sources, battery management and power control system, communication and our Li-ion batteries or customer specified batteries. Power storage capabilities in the mobility power platform can be in the range from 50Wh to multiple kWh.  

An engineer creating a custom electric charging platform for a customer.

Customer Case

Upgrade of Power Supply and Charging System

A European company contacted us when they needed to upgrade their power supply and charging systems due to problems with the internally developed power supply. Our solution was a design based on proven technology platforms in AC/DC, DC/DC and charging technique.

Combining system requirements, with the integration of high frequency switched power modules and chargers, puts high demands on performance within EMC, low leakage current and high peak currents. The solution is today in full production and is a complete component of the customer's logistics flow. The company and their factory can focus on production, while we are responsible for managing the power supply units.

An engineer working at a custom battery solution for a customer.

Customer Case

A Fully Integrated Power Supply Solution

A European power supply provider wanted to increase the number of products under its own brand. They wanted to focus their offerings on power solutions for standard and customized solutions, logistics and aftermarket support. Not on the power supply.

By developing unique products through our Original Design and Manufacturing power supply solutions, they can deliver customized products. Products that set high demands on performance and quality in demanding market segments such as medicine and military.

Battery driven robotics.

Customer Case

Integrated Battery Charging Technology On a Leading Technology Platform

A Nordic company in battery-based power solutions needed an integrated solution approved for medical use. In close collaboration, we developed, designed and delivered a battery charger technology that became a complete building block in the final product.

It was crucial that the solution could intelligently and automatically select the charging profile for several battery types. By the re-use of an existing technology platform, the battery company can offer its customer a cost-effective, complete power solution. A solution with longer battery life and guarantees where the industrial design of charger and battery reflected the image of the product and the company.

Electric driven medical chargers.
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Göran Johansson

Director Sales - Business Development

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