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DC-DC converters, chargers for industrial and automotive applications. Robust design with IP67, water and shock resistant. See our full range to choose the perfect DC-DC unit for your application.


DC-DC Converters, Chargers for Industry and Automotive Applications

DC-DC transforms one DC (direct current) to another. Micropower has an extensive DC-DC range that covers most applications.

  • All Micropower's DC-DC converters have been developed with a focus on high efficiency, robust and compact design, with easy installation. All models are available with IP67.
  • DC-DC charger fits all types of lead batteries (Standard lead, GEL/AGM, Calcium). The highly efficient design ensures fast and safe charging. Installation and assembly is performed easily.
  • DC-DC equalizer - for automotive applications with 24V system ensures the life of the batteries and provides a powerful power output to 12V consumers.

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What Is a DC-DC Converter?

DC-DC for Correct and Stable Voltage

A DC-DC converter converts a direct current (DC) source from one voltage level to another. Connected equipment such as instrumentation, computers, etc. in a forklift usually requires a different voltage level than the truck's system voltage. A DC-DC converter then becomes absolutely necessary to operate the equipment in a safe and efficient manner. The system voltage in, for example, a forklift or vehicle varies depending on the status and sate of charge of the battery. With a DC-DC, a stable output voltage is obtained.

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What Different Kinds Of DC-DC Converters Are There?

Types For Different Needs

The DC-DC converter comes as isolated (i.e. minus in is separate from minus out) or non-isolated, (common minus in/out) IP rating depending on use and versions classified according to standards such as MIL-STD 461 F and MIL- STD 1275D for military applications.

DC-DC Converter With IP21

IP ratings refer to ingress protection. IP21 is best suited indoors or similar, more protected environments, while IP67 is waterproof and can be mounted in exposed environments such as engine rooms or outdoors. Micropower's range of DC-DC converters comes with these two categories – IP21 and IP67. Both series include isolated and non-isolated models.

DC-DC with IP21 series has:

  • Input voltage: 9-18V, 9-36V, 18-36V, 33-65V
  • Output voltage: 12V, 24V
  • Power: 200W
The standard enclosure for the IP21 models has a protective coating on the circuit board and electronics.

Find Your DC-DC Converter With IP21

DCDC converter IP21 from Micropower Group

DC-DC Converter With IP67

The IP67 series DC-DC converter has:

  • Input voltage: 9-36V, 18-32V, 36-65V, 60-110V
  • Output voltage: 13.5V, 24V
  • Power: 400W, 200W
The converters are designed with the latest switch-mode technology in DC to DC conversion. The result provides an impressive efficiency of over 96%. The DC-DC converters with IP67 are waterproof and shock resistant. The robust aluminum housing makes the unit ideal for installation in harsh environments.

Find Your DC-DC Converter With IP67

DCDC converter IP67, waterproof

Industrial DC-DC Chargers

Maximum Charge for 12V and 24V

The DC-DC charger works like a conventional battery charger with the difference that it gets its voltage from the generator or the vehicle's starter battery. The device is isolated and has current limitation, which provides a safe charge. The charged cycle is controlled by the internal microcomputer which ensures charging to 100%. Temperature compensation is available as an option.

The DC-DC chargers from Micropower are technically advanced, but easy to install. Input voltage range 9-16VDC or 18-32VDC, to a correct charging algorithm for all types of lead batteries. The 12V version has a charging current of 15A and the 24V version 8A. Input and output are galvanically separated. DC-DC chargers can be supplied with both IP21 and IP67.

Find Your DC-DC Charger

DCDC charger from Micropower Group

Custom Solutions

When Standard Is Not Enough, We Have A DC-DC Solution For You

The DC-DC platform, part of the Custom Solutions offering, includes both isolated and non-isolated converters in the 60W-1500W range. The platforms come with multiple input and output voltage areas with a minimal size. Contact us for more information about our customized DC-DC solutions.

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