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Industrial Lithium Ion Batteries & Systems

Complete and modular Lithium Ion batteries and systems for industrial businesses

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Flexible Lithium Ion battery systems for electric machines and vehicles serving in the industial sector. 

What Is An Industrial Battery?

A Sustainable Power Source

Industrial batteries are found in larger electrical industrial vehicles and machines such as electric forklift trucks, automated guided vehicles and utility vehicles. The battery types and chemistry, and even the battery cell types, are sometimes the same as in commercial electrical products, only smaller in size with less advanced technology behind it.

Historically, Open Lead acid batteries have been industry preferred together with other battery types such as AGM and GEL. Today, we see a huge swift to more sustainable batteries that demands less maintenance, are better for the environment and have a longer life cycle. A battery type such as Lithium ion.

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Great performance and long life cycle

Micropower's Own Lithium Ion Battery Offer

Micropower offers Lithium ion batteries with capacity up to 400V and 1000Ah. The Lithium ion batteries are built with cylindrical cells with NCA (lithium nickel cobalt aluminium oxides) or NMC (Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide) chemistry.

NCA and NMC are common and industry preferred chemistries that today are widely used in, amongst others, the automotive industry. The two chemistries have in common that they feature high specific power and energy density, high level of safety and performance, as well as long life cycle of the Lithium ion battery. 

Find Your Lithium Ion Battery

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Modularity For Superior Flexibility

Advantages of a modular Lithium-Ion battery system

Lithium ion batteries are known for high efficiency, low maintenance, longer battery life and reduced CO2 emissions. From the operators’ side, this means no need of watering the batteries and no risk for gassing (two factors for traditional Open Lead-acid) and that the Lithium ion batteries can work longer and more shifts as well having a longer overall product life.

There are today a wide range of different industrial Lithium ion batteries available on the market, featuring different battery chemistries and different set ups. Micropower believes that no business is truly the same and hence created the modular based Lithium ion system back in 2017, called Lionbrix. 

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The Modular Lionbrix Battery System

The Lithium ion battery modules are called BRIX. The standardized battery modules comes in different sizes, but with same depth and width dimensions, and can be connected in parallel and/or series to suit the customers' electrical machines and vehicles designs. The battery modules therefore ensure superior flexibility.

The battery module has a nominal voltage of 3,7V with 103Ah, 148Ah or 205Ah and an operational voltage range between 2,5V and 4,07V. Combined with a battery management system and a Lion charger - customers get a complete battery system with top level safety, meeting the highest quality requirements there is on the market.

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Three BRIX batteries

Safety & Communication

eBRIX Battery Management System – The Brain

A battery management system is the electronic system that handles the battery that is to be charged. It monitors the state of charge of the battery, also referred to as SoC, it reports important data regarding the battery and charging, handles balancing of the battery and safety functions to protect the battery and system.

The Micropower battery management system, called eBRIX, functions as the brain for the Lithium ion Lionbrix battery system and handles data, reports, communications and safety aspects. The battery management system monitors each cell in the battery to secure the stability of it. 

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Machine integrated or stand-alone

cBRIX Battery Pack – Which Type Suits Your Industrial Application?

For smaller industrial vehicles, Micropower offers the Lithium ion battery pack, cBRIX. A complete battery pack means no assembly of battery modules, no additional battery management system or extra wiring - just one Lithium ion battery box that customers can integrate with its vehicles/machines and charger. It can also serve as a stand-alone battery unit. The battery pack works for 24V/48Ah systems and provides 1,2kWh. Typical applications for cBRIX are:

  • Smaller electrical construction equipment
  • Cleaning machines
  • Automated guided vehicles

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The Complete lithium Ion System

Lionbrix System

A complete battery system includes the whole chain - the battery that powers your machine/vehicle, the battery management system that handles the safety and communication, the battery charger itself and other additional system solutions such as cloud connected fleet management for optimization of the system.

A battery system from Micropower gives customers the possibility to fully integrate with its electric vehicle/machine. It provides customers with safety functions at all levels: cell, mechanic and in the battery management system. The Lion battery chargers also have the safety option of an anti-spark system, called Safe Disconnect. Reducing risk for sparks when operators handle battery charger routines of its electric vehicles’ and machines’ batteries. 

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Micropower Lionbrix system
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