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Forklift trucks

Efficient batteries and battery charging for forklift trucks

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No matter the amount of forklift trucks, warehouse space or the number of hours your facility runs - Micropower has a battery charging solution for you. 


Efficient battery charging for forklift trucks

Micropower is a proud partner to many of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of forklift trucks. Our global presence makes us a trusted resource for design assistance, manufacturing and product support. Within the forklift industry, the Micropower brand has a world-wide reputation for high quality battery chargers from 100W up to 100kW in both battery replacement systems and single battery fast charging.

  • Stationary and onboard charging
  • Fast and opportunity charging
  • Charging software functions and systems 

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Complete and flexible battery solutions

Micropower provides the forklift truck market with flexible Li-ion battery modules and complete battery and charging systems. The systems can reach a voltage of 1000V and capacity up to 700kWh. The Li-ion modules are built to be exact replacements for traditional lead-acid batteries, allowing our customers to easily adapt their equipment to our advanced energy storage systems. Micropower delivers high quality, cost effective solutions with short integration times for cost-driven components in a wide array of applications.

  • Standardized and flexible Li-ion battery modules
  • Full integration with machine/vehicle
  • Fast adjustments and high volumes

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Smart solutions for optimized battery and charging operations

Micropower has developed advanced system solutions to support our batteries and battery charging products. Our innovative fleet management system optimizes battery usage and charging to provide full control and insight of daily operations. Through automatic data transfer and analysis, the system provides real-time usage information and performance alerts.

  • Fleet management system
  • Dynamic power limitation function
  • Battery exchange room system

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Battery Charger Guide

We help you find the right battery charger for your forklift truck and battery. Use the Micropower battery charger guide to find the right charger by filling in information about your battery, such as output voltage, battery size, battery type and charging time, as well as mains phase and mains voltage.

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Battery charging solution for your forklift truck

Micropower supplies the industry with our well-known, high quality battery chargers up to 100kW. Whether you need complete battery replacement system or single a battery, with fast or opportunity charging, we have a solution.

Can’t find a solution for your application?

We know that a standard product is not always the best answer. We have a long history of creating custom solutions and products. If you can’t find a battery charging system for your forklift truck application – contact us.

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