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Stationary Charging

Efficient battery charging for traction batteries

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Stationary charging works perfectly regardless of whether it is in fast or conventional charging mode.

Stationary charging fits most scenarios

Stationary charging has been around for decades. Whether it is for conventional charging or fast charging, stationary charging gives a sense of security that "everything is in place.” For traditional lead-acid batteries, battery exchange rooms have been widely used in conjunction with battery replacement systems for increased efficiency and safety. Today's Lithium-ion batteries have made it possible to streamline fast charging and charging stations can now be located in storage rooms and near exits of break rooms.

That is, no matter what your business looks like, stationary charging will most likely work for you.

The modern power source

Combine energy efficient battery charging with smart solutions

Stationary charging allows you to use a charger for many different electric vehicles without machine integration. By connecting your battery charger to smart systems, you can safely, securely and above all automatically still keep track of how your charging of the various vehicles is handled. Micropower offers smart system solutions for most stationary charging scenarios such as:

  • GET Fleet Management - Automatic control for all types of charges
  • Best Battery Choice - System to optimize battery charge changes and extend battery life
  • Dynamic Power Limitation - Keep charging fast but avoid power peaks and unnecessary costs

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Our stationary chargers are used worldwide

Over the years, Micropower has distributed stationary battery chargers to customers and retailers worldwide. Our wide range of stationary, or wall-mounted, battery chargers has been used for several industrial applications such as material handling, ground support equipment (GSE) and cleaning machines. Our current generation of stationary battery chargers ranges from 100W to 10kW with up to IP66 protection class. They can also be combined with our Li-ion battery system, Lionbrix or work as a stand-alone battery charger.

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