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High Voltage

High voltage systems for efficient charging and energy storage

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Large electrical vehicles put high demands on charging operations. Systems need to be fast and efficient to meet today's challenges.

Larger vehicles demand high voltage

As larger vehicles are becoming electrified, high-voltage products have become more common. Modern electric vehicles are now poised to replace internal combustion engine vehicles in a wide range of applications, which has increased the high voltage development pace. More power efficient battery chemistries have been developed and smart modular concepts for batteries have paved the way for electric forklifts, commercial vehicles and other industrial machines.

High voltage - from 24-120VDC to 400-800VDC

Today’s machines have larger power needs, requiring denser energy content in batteries, in order to extend time between charging. This creates higher demands on the charging operations, since they need to be faster and more efficient. To avoid excessive current draw, it has become necessary to increase the electrical voltage. In the past, 24-120VDC was sufficient, while today it is increasingly common to see secondary voltages of 400-800VDC.

Cables for high voltage charging, black, red and blue colours.

Integrated high voltage charging

The new high-voltage technology enables complete battery systems where both the vehicle and the battery with charger are fully integrated. This is the foundation for both fast charging and onboard charging.

High voltage also facilitates energy storage, both for cable dimensioning reasons and for the fact that the conventional 3-phase main voltage 3 x 380-480V are closer to the corresponding rectified voltage 400-800VDC.

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High voltage in our integrated battery solution

Micropower’s field proven Lionbrix is a flexible, modular and energy dense industrial battery system. It offers a completely integrated battery solution for both fast, onboard and conventional charging.

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