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Micropower Group invests in a new facility for lithium batteries and battery chargers.

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A new milestone achieved for Micropower Group, the company that develops and produces lithium-ion batteries and battery chargers for the industry, as it invests in a new flagship facility in Växjö, Sweden.
Micropower Group continues its expansion and invests in a new headquarter, development center and production facility that will be commissioned in 2024. The new 25,000 m² facility will include a production unit for battery chargers and modular lithium batteries along with a state-of-the-art innovation center for power electronics. Initially, 350 people will work here and the facility is equipped to grow further with the company's continued vision.

"This facility is crucial to being able to grow the company further. We have had a fantastic growth journey in recent years and we have the ambition to continue that development going forward. There is currently a huge transition to electrification of industrial vehicles and our mission at Micropower is to help the industry in that transition with new environmentally and climate-smart solutions for batteries and chargers." says Torbjörn Gustafsson, CEO Micropower Group.

The new facility, located in the newly established industrial area Nylanda in Växjö, Sweden, has 92,000 m² of land to further expand both production and office space.

This investment will increase Micropower's production capacity for both batteries and battery chargers. It also enables further investments in technology development to meet the industry's needs and requirements in the transformation towards sustainable energy systems.

"This is truly the factory of the future - green, smart products are produced and it is done in a factory environment that is clean, quiet and with a high degree of automation. The new facility will be great for close collaboration between our development team, our production team, and our customers," says Torbjörn Gustafsson.

Like the products and energy systems that Micropower produces, the new facilty will be built with a focus on sustainability. The office building will be wood, from the frame to the facade and internal surface layers. Stormwater will be managed entirely within the property with rainbeds, stormwater ponds and lush greenery that collects the water and enhances the outdoor environment. The facility will also be equipped with solar cells to supply the production facility with approximately 500,000 kWh annually.

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Torbjörn Gustafsson
CEO Micropower Group
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Ola Durborg
Marketing Manager Micropower Group
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