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Why you should use a fleet management system and how it will optimize your business. 
Fleet management system is a tool to improve the use of units you have in a specific fleet. For the logistics sector, it can for example be a group of electric forklift trucks. The electric forklift trucks run on batteries that need to be charged at charging stations in the facility. By connecting your batteries and battery chargers to a fleet management system, the system can then help you get an overview of how your batteries in your electrical fleet are used and in what way. For example, how hard your batteries are used, how they are charged and how often. In this way, the fleet management system can provide you with valuable information on how you and your team can improve the usage, thus avoiding unnecessary downtime and costs, and in many cases extending battery life.

  • Overall control
  • Optimize usage
  • Decrease costs
Micropower's fleet management system GET, helps you automatically check status, read data, analyze, and understand how your electric fleet is performing. This, by reading out data from the connected batteries and battery chargers at your site. The data is wirelessly uploaded to a cloud portal, called GET Cloud. In the portal, you can via your smartphone or laptop, access information, presented as KPI widgets on a dashboard, logs or as reports. Which data is presented and in which way, you choose yourself. The system presents the information based on the parameters that are important to you and your business. Should any of your connected devices deviate from target, the system automatically notifies you and you can by a few clicks go in and see what is wrong.

  • One fleet management system for both batteries and battery chargers
  • Automatic control without interference

If you want to know more how fleet management systems can help simplify service and maintenance for your service technicians, read more at GET Fleet Management System or contact one of our sales managers. 

Tomas Sturesson
Tomas Sturesson

Global Product Manager - Software and Solutions

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