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Efficiency and Innovation – Micropower SC Chargers Sets the Standard!

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Don't miss out on the power and efficiency that the Micropower SC range of battery chargers offers.
Micropower SC Charger
Micropower SC sets the standard for the next generation of industrial battery chargers. With an intuitive user-friendly design, a LED panel that indicates State of Charge and Near-Field Communication technology, Micropower SC simplifies installation, configuration and maintenance for everyday operators.

The Micropower SC features high-power and high efficiency as well as low stand-by power, making it a reliable and sustainable charging solution for industrial machines and vehicles.

" The Micropower SC chargers are tailor-made for their application for charging electrically driven industrial trucks. They convince through easiest operation and high efficiency." says Thomas Schüller, Product Manager - Battery Chargers, Micropower Group.

The Micropower SC series covers the power spectrum from 600W to 3,2 kW. The chargers work for stand-alone applications. The model range covers lithium-ion batteries with CAN Bus communication as well as traditional battery types. The chargers are compatible with Micropower's modular BRIX lithium-ion battery system and GET fleet management system for a complete battery solution.

For more information, contact your local Micropower distributor or send an email to sales@micropower.se. Get a more efficient and intelligent workday with the Micropower SC battery charger! 
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