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Onboard charging

Onboard chargers are the future

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An onboard charger is built into an electric vehicle and ensures that you are not dependent on a charging station or depot. The vehicle can be charged wherever there is an available electrical outlet.

Onboard chargers must cope with demanding environments

Onboard chargers are often much smaller than stationary chargers, and the available power output will often be lower. Since the charger will be transported "on board", it needs to be compact and perfectly adapted to the vehicle. Onboard chargers have been used in electric cars for a long time, but as the number of electric forklifts, commercial vehicles, wheel loaders, AGVs, cleaning machines, etc. grows, so does the need for reliable onboard chargers that can withstand harsh operating conditions including vibrations, shocks, dirt, dust and varying temperatures. 

An onboard charger needs to handle everything from a cold icy morning outdoors at -30˚C to a hot summer day with a machine working at full power at +55˚ C.

An electric quad bike.

Built-in chargers are fully adapted to the vehicle

An onboard charger is not a small black box but is, in most cases, fully integrated with the machine's battery management system via a CAN bus interface. Electric vehicles often have a complex structure and the charger needs to both fit into the design and interact with other components. All other electrical equipment in the machine is a possible source of both conductive and emissive disturbances, which the charger must be adapted to.

An engineer working at a custom battery solution for a customer.

Our onboard chargers are available worldwide

Micropower has sold over 100,000 onboard chargers to customers worldwide. Our wide range of built-in chargers has been integrated into everything from forklifts and AGVs to utility vehicles. Our current generation of onboard chargers ranges from 100W to 10kW and up to IP66 protection class. They can either be integrated with our lithium ion battery system, Lionbrix or with your own battery management system through a system integration.

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