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In a fleet management system, you get a full overview of your selected fleet of devices. The fleet management system is there to help you control and optimize your business operations. 

Data enables optimization

Today, almost all products are connected via the internet. In your home you can talk to your lamps and in the office you can monitor products on the other side of the world. Technology and innovation are advancing at a pace that sometimes makes it difficult to keep up. Some solutions are easy to understand and others are more complex.

Of course, it is great to let cars share information about traffic accidents or bad weather, but why should electrical outlets or powered garden tools be connected? And what are the benefits of connected batteries and chargers? The simple answer is optimization. By collecting and analyzing data in a fleet management system, you will always find ways to optimize and thereby reduce costs.

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Energy optimization for the future

Climate awareness and the pursuit of improved working conditions are driving global electrification. Heavier products, faster charging, and larger batteries running on outdated power grids and energy sources mean that we have to work towards energy optimization. Can we charge our batteries in a smart way to make maximum use of the available energy? And what if, perhaps during inactive hours, we can even contribute to the available energy?

Imagine if we could control our battery chargers based on the electricity price. Or if we could use information about the battery charge level in a forklift to control the order picking sequence.

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Micropower's products are connected to your reality

Micropower is convinced that connected products are inevitable, today and in the future. If done correctly, battery and charge data will optimize operation, save money and at the same time contribute to a better world. Micropower's fleet management system already helps customers to analyze their business to increase operating time and save money.

Micropower's battery chargers communicate with each other and share available energy to reduce power spikes without cutting back on efficiency. They collect data that is automatically analyzed in the cloud and reported back to the user so that they can to act on the information, if necessary.

Existing product refinement and new product development are priorities at Micropower. Our fleet management system is constantly being upgraded with new features to help our customers with their everyday challenges.

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Tomas Sturesson

Global Product Manager - Software and Solutions


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