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Batteries & Sustainable, the words on everybody’s lips. How can we benefit from being many with the same challenges and goals? 
The tailwinds are strong, and we are many companies in this region expanding and driving the change. Now is the time to really make a difference, both for us a company but also for Sweden as a country. In these fast-changing times there will be many opportunities but also challenges for us. We have the CO2 emissions and the global warming to consider, but also all the other aspects of a sustainable future. In line with this there are several new legislations and control mechanisms, new skills for employees to learn, new technology to develop and at the same time be a profitable company. It will be important for us as battery companies in Sweden to work together and stay closely connected to academia, to enable us to stay in the technological forefront. Therefor Micropower Group are currently collaborating with other parties in the Swedish battery industry to create at national research and competence center for battery and battery pack production. Focus will be on circular production, new value chains and competence development. Here we can connect the forefront research, and the investments needed in technology and production to a common goal of a strong and green Swedish industry.

“This is an important initiative both for Sweden, and for Micropower Group to continue to develop as leading supplier of sustainable lithium-ion batteries”
VP Engineering - Patrik Alvånger
Patrik Alvånger

VP - Technology


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Charging Technology


There are basically two different charging technologies on the market.The traditional transformer technology which has been used for about 100 years,...

After successful testing, Atab has implemented the functionality in the project.

With its expertise, Micropower is able to provide a comprehensive energy supply solution that puts the needs of the customer first.