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December 4-5, it's time for the Swedish Championships in Memory 2021, which this year will be held in Växjö. Organizer is Idriz Zogaj and main sponsor is Micropower Group.
The Swedish Championships in Memory's first edition was in 2009 and has since been arranged ten times. Now the championship is back for an eleventh edition and this year the Swedish Championships in Memory and the Swedish Memory Open will be held in the city library in Växjö. The championship has about 20 competitors and a number of famous faces in the memory sport. Idriz Zogaj (founder of the Swedish Memorial Association) is the organizer but also makes a comeback as a competitor. The last time Idriz competed on Swedish soil was in 2009. He will face the reigning Swedish champion Martin Nilson, the teacher from Lund who made it to the finals in Swedish TV show "Talang". Responsible on site is also the two-time world champion Jonas von Essen who is responsible for this year's competition.

"We are all happy that there will be a Swedish Championships this year and I personally look forward to competing on Swedish soil again after 11 years." tells Idriz Zogaj.

Micropower is the proud main sponsor of the 2021 edition of the Swedish Championships in Memory and the Swedish Memory Open and wants to take the opportunity to wish all participants good luck.

Background to the Swedish Memory Association:
The Swedish Memorial Association was founded by Idriz "Minnet" Zogaj in 2008. The main task of the Memory Association is to promote and spread the memory sport in Sweden. This is done by organizing competitions, such as the Swedish Championships, and by appearing in the media and in other ways spreading and informing about this mental sport. Everyone is welcome to be a member of the Swedish Memorial Association. 
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