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Why stationary charging probably will fit your business and how smart solutions can optimize it. 
Software battery solutions.
Stationary charging has been around for decades. Whether it is for conventional charging or fast charging, stationary charging gives a sense of security that "everything is in place.” For traditional lead-acid batteries, battery exchange rooms have been widely used in conjunction with battery replacement systems for increased efficiency and safety. Today's Lithium-ion batteries have made it possible to streamline fast charging and charging stations can now be located in storage rooms and near exits of break rooms. That is, no matter what your business looks like, stationary charging will most likely work for you.

Combine Energy Efficient Battery Charging With Smart Solutions
Stationary charging allows you to use a charger for many different electric vehicles without machine integration. By connecting your battery charger to smart systems, you can safely, securely and above all automatically still keep track of how your charging of the various vehicles is handled. Micropower offers smart system solutions for most stationary charging scenarios such as:

  • GET Fleet Management - A tool for optimizing your electrical driven fleet through full control and smart, automatic analysis of status, usage etc
  • Best Battery Choice - Battery exchange room system to extend battery life and reduce unneccessary costs
  • Dynamic Power Limitation - Avoid power peaks while fast and opportunity charge your batteries
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Batteries & Sustainable, the words on everybody’s lips. How can we benefit from being many with the same challenges and goals? 

Charging Technology


There are basically two different charging technologies on the market.The traditional transformer technology which has been used for about 100 years,...

After successful testing, Atab has implemented the functionality in the project.

With its expertise, Micropower is able to provide a comprehensive energy supply solution that puts the needs of the customer first.