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Micropower x Symbiosis 2024 shortlist

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Cupole has been identifying Sweden’s top responsible growth companies. Micropower Group is part of the shortlist, competing for the Symbiosis 2024 award. 

Micropower Group Shortlisted for sustainable growth award
In the pursuit of defining tomorrow through our actions today, the driving force of Responsible Performance stands as a guiding principle at the core of Micropower Group. It encapsulates our commitment to not only achieving excellence, but doing so in a manner that upholds our social, environmental, and ethical responsibilities, guided by the three pillars of Social, Environmental, and Economics.

At the heart of responsible performance lies a dedication in integrity, transparency, and accountability. It means conducting ourselves with honesty and fairness in all our interactions. It means being transparent about our practices, policies, and performance. 

By embracing responsible performance across the three pillars of Social, Environmental, and Economics, we recognize that the actions we take today have far-reaching implications for the future. We understand that our success is not measured solely by financial metrics but by the positive legacy we leave behind for future generations.

As we define tomorrow through our actions today, we do so with a steadfast commitment to responsible performance. We strive to make a meaningful difference in the world, leaving a legacy of integrity, sustainability, and social responsibility that will endure for years to come. 

Symbiosis 2024 shortlist
Micropower Group is honored to be part of the shortlist among other exceptional Swedish companies, and for the recognition. We wish the other contestants the best of luck for the Symbiosis 2024 award. More information about the short-list Symbiosis 2024 is available at Cupole's website. Click here to read the full statement of the shortlist. 
Picture of Rebecca Andersson, Marketing Manager, Micropower Group
Rebecca Andersson

Marketing Manager


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