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Micropower Group to merge subsidiaries Ecotec LCC Ltd and Micropower LLC in the US

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Micropower Group will merge North American subsidiary Ecotec Ltd LLC to Micropower LLC. The purpose of the change is to strengthen the Micropower brand and position as a reliable industrial partner of Lithium-ion batteries and charging systems. 
"Ecotec is a well-respected brand in the North American market. Merging the US operations is another step in strengthening Micropower as a partner in providing full system solutions for chargers and batteries.” says Torbjörn Gustafsson, CEO Micropower Group.

Ecotec Ltd LCC was established in 2012 as a Micropower Group subsidiary. The company has focused on manufacturing and sales of battery chargers to the North American market and has built a strong reputation focused on customer experience and quality products. Micropower LLC was established in 2022 to complement the offerings from Ecotec and to help customers simplify their electrification journey.

The merge will be effective 1st of January 2024. Both manufacturing operations will be conducted from the US headquarters in Troy, Ohio.

For more information:
Torbjörn Gustafsson
CEO Micropower Group
+ 46 (0) 470 727 440

Udhav Doctor
MD Micropower US
+1 (517) 499-4656
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