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Micropower Group merge subsidiary HF SM Power Innovations AB to Micropower Sweden AB

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Micropower Group will merge the Swedish subsidiary, HF SM Power Innovations AB, to Micropower Sweden AB. The purpose of the change is to strengthen the Swedish organization, as well as bolster Micropower’s offer of customized systems and products for power supplies and battery chargers. 
"The merger of SM Power with Micropower Sweden is in line with our work around ‘One Micropower’. This is a step forward to further strengthen the brand, both internally and externally." says Torbjörn Gustafsson, CEO Micropower Group.

HF SM Power Innovations AB was established in 1992. With office in Bromma, the company innovate, develops, and produces customized power conversion systems in high quantities to customer in a wide range of market segments. The company has been part of the Micropower Group since 2012 and focused on the Custom Power market segment.

The merge will be effective 30th of November 2023.

For more information:
Torbjörn Gustafsson
CEO Micropower Group
+ 46 (0) 470 727 440

Göran Johansson
MD HF SM Power Innovations AB
+46 8 446 6311
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