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Micropower Group has been manufacturing and supplying the modular lithium-ion battery system LIONBRIX since 2017. Micropower is now expanding its production of lithium-ion batteries by building a completely new production site in Växjö, Sweden. The production is estimated to start at year-end of 2019 and will have a production capacity of 1 GWh/year.
2017, Micropower Group started its production of the modular lithium-ion batteries BRIX and the same year, it delivered the first complete lithium-ion battery systems LIONBRIX. The system includes the modular lithium-ion batteries as well as battery chargers and battery management systems for safety and communication. The batteries have since the start been manufactured in Micropower’s first battery factory in Växjö – which the company soon will grow out of.

The high demand for lithium-ion batteries from the market has led to Micropower Group investing in building a completely new production site for lithium-ion batteries in Växjö. The new factory has an area of ​​6800 m2 with the possibility to expand. The construction of the factory is in progress, and it is estimated that it is operational at year-end of 2019. The production of the lithium-ion batteries will continue to be manufactured in automated production lines to ensure high quality and enable the production volume that the market demands. The total production capacity of lithium-ion batteries will reach 1 GWh/year with the new factory.
“There is a rapid transformation in several industrial segments right now, where we are moving towards more modern energy solutions with lithium-ion technology. This investment enables us to increase our production capacity as the market grows. We are proud to be able to build new modern energy technology that is developed, but also manufactured, in Sweden. We expect this factory to employ 40 people already at the end of the year” says Torbjörn Gustafsson, CEO of Micropower Group.

Micropower Group was founded in 1984 and has its headquarter in Växjö, Sweden. In Växjö is also one of the Group’s R&D centers, of which the others are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Salo, Finland. The R&D center in Gothenburg is responsible for the lithium-ion technology. Micropower Group has a turnover of 500 MSEK and has approximately 300 employees.

For more information:
Torbjörn Gustafsson, CEO, Micropower Group AB
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