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Maven Wireless joint venture with Micropower Group to increase RF signal strength

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Maven Wireless, pioneers of wireless coverage systems, was searching for a power supply specialist partner for their upcoming 5G network coverage system. They were searching for a partner who understood the application, the tough requirements of energy efficiency and reliability in a compact design.

Maven Wireless joint venture with Micropower Group
Maven worked with Micropower Group to achieve higher power, better cost efficiency, improved reliability, and signal strength.

During two years with close and dedicated cooperation, a power supply with 28V/48V output with 16 outputs has been developed. In order to obtain the highest control and performance, an independent 12V output channel for serial communication is also a part of the power supply solution.

The result of the cooperation is a power supply used in Maven’s advanced 5G coverage system which delivers up to four times higher data throughput and 40% larger area than traditional solutions.

With an efficiency rate of 97%, heat loss turns to be so low that heat fans are not needed. The compact design saves space and extends the already extremely long-life span of the product. These are key features for Maven's fiber fed remote units and off-air repeaters that are often installed in hard to access locations.

Maven Wireless' products, where Micropower power supply is a part of, are made for the toughest and most critical environments. Examples of projects with Maven’s equipment are the Öresundsbron between Sweden and Denmark, Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, Karawanken tunnel in Austria, railway tunnels in Sweden and Switzerland.

Maven Wireless' products located in Snö Oslo, Norway.
Maven Wireless' products located in Snö Oslo, Norway. 

About Maven Wireless
Maven Wireless is a technology company focused on developing and selling indoor and tunnel coverage systems for both public mobile systems and critical communication, such as emergency services radio for police and fire departments. With its proprietary and patented software, Maven Wireless offers a comprehensive Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solution that provides indoor and tunnel coverage for all operators in a shared system with support for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.

About Micropower Group

Micropower Group is an international company that develops, manufactures and markets unique charging solutions for batteries and power supply, as well as modular Lithium-ion batteries. With extensive experience in charging solutions and electrification, and with dedicated engineers working to develop products and systems that enable electrification, Micropower is proud to help customers with their transformation to electrified and sustainable charging solutions.

For more information contact:
Gentjana Alimi
Digital Marketing Manager - Maven Wireless
+46 76 308 61 69

Erik Kauppi
Sales Manager, Custom Power - Micropower Group
+46 8 44 66 319
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