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Introducing the New Generation of Battery Chargers from Micropower Group

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Micropower Group is thrilled to unveil the latest in industrial battery charging technology – the new generation of chargers designed to meet the demands of operators and service technicians in the industrial sector.

Our commitment to excellence in efficiency and quality continues with the launch of our newest battery chargers. Designed with the end-user in mind, these chargers feature a user-friendly interface featuring large LED panels for State of Charge indication, intuitive displays with clear navigation, and wireless connectivity via Near Field Communication technology, Bluetooth, and radio.

Installation and configuration have never been simpler. We have eliminated additional hardware purchases and endless configurations. Our new chargers come equipped with pre-mounted wall brackets, adjustable feet for uneven surfaces, integrated cable holders, and are designed for easy installation requiring only a cordless screwdriver.

Configuring your chargers is uncomplicated with Micropower's GET app. Easily check status, modify configurations, replicate settings across your fleet, all with accuracy, speed and simplicity.

The new generation of chargers comprises the Micropower SL, Micropower SX, Micropower ST, Micropower SQ, and the previously launched Micropower SC series, all sharing a consistent look and feel from 600W and upwards. Regardless of your business's charger requirements, your operators will always feel at home and secure with a charger from Micropower Group.

Micropower SL
Featuring a modular charger concept for top performance and extended service life. An intuitive color display complements the LED panel, ensuring ease of use and visibility from afar.

Micropower SX
A stand-alone charger equipped with a front display and LED panel. Fully connected via radio and Bluetooth, this range offers smart software solutions and functionality. With trouble-free installation and no extra costs, downtime is minimized.

Micropower ST
Designed as a floor-standing and wall-mounted appliance with a familiar user interface and increased efficiency with its new compact housing.

Micropower SQ
The ultimate charger for Lead-acid traction batteries. With its user-friendly interface, rapid installation, and simple configuration through the GET app, this is the charger that operators and service technicians will prefer.

Micropower Group's new generation of chargers represents a leap forward in battery charging technology. Discover the future of charging with Micropower Group. We make electrification of the industry a reality. 
Thomas Schuller
Thomas Schuller

Global Product Manager - Battery Chargers


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