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Micropower Group’s GET Fleet Management System is now available for iOS smartphones. Download the app in App Store.
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Connect your devices, batteries and battery chargers to the GET Fleet Management System via the GET app. Download the GET app in Apple’s “App Store” by searching for “Micropower GET App” or in Android’s app store “Play”.

Access product information with the NFC tag on your selected device. With a simple tap with your phone, you can read data and access interactive troubleshooting guides. The troubleshooting guides are directly linked to Micropower’s support center. GET Fleet Management System simplifies installation, configuration and maintenance of your products – giving your more time and money for other.

Contact your local sales office or sales@micropower.se for more information about the GET Fleet Management System.
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Time to Make a Difference

Batteries & Sustainable, the words on everybody’s lips. How can we benefit from being many with the same challenges and goals? 

Charging Technology


There are basically two different charging technologies on the market.The traditional transformer technology which has been used for about 100 years,...

After successful testing, Atab has implemented the functionality in the project.

With its expertise, Micropower is able to provide a comprehensive energy supply solution that puts the needs of the customer first.