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Micropower Group launches cBRIX50, a new product to the Lithium ion battery range. cBRIX50 is a lightweight and compact complete 24V 48Ah battery, suitable for various applications.

cBRIX50 is a Li-ion battery for 24V systems with 1,2kWh. It can be used as a stand-alone battery with a Micropower onboard or stationary charger. cBRIX50 is also fully capable of CAN integration with the machine. Two cBRIX50 can be parallel connected for double capacity.

The battery is a lightweight and compact that can easily be mounted perfectly into several applications such as utility vehicles, AGVs and cleaning machines. The cBRIX50 has a robust design with IP54 rating which makes it perfect for demanding applications and harsh environments. The battery has several safety functions and redundancy.

cBRIX50 has a technical service life of minimum 3000 cycles to > 70% of initial capacity @ room temperature, normal operation.

Dimensions 271 x 201 x 105 mm
Weight 6,4 kg

For more information about the cBRIX50 or any other Micropower solution, contact your local Micropower distributor or sales@micropower.se.
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