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BatteryLoop installed circular energy storage solution at Stena Metall Group Headquarters

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On the 7th of April a circular energy storage system from BatteryLoop was installed at Stena Metall Group Headquarters in Gothenburg, built with second-use batteries.

Container with charger from Battery Loops
The BLESS™ I (BatteryLoop energy storage system) is a collaboration between BatteryLoop, Micropower Group, Stena Fastigheter and Toyota Material Handling and is connected to 55 electric vehicle chargers where four of them offers semi-fast charging of 22kW.

”This collaboration shows the possibility of building BLESS™ systems with another second-use battery product, this time from Toyota Material Handling and the Swedish battery producer Micropower Group. BatteryLoop sees great opportunities for continued cooperation with Toyota Material Handling for their second-use batteries in our state-of-art systems.” Rasmus Bergström, CEO BatteryLoop.

BatteryLoop provides a profitable circular power management solution for an electrified world, extending the life of EV batteries in the BLESS™ systems before recycling. Therefore, reducing the environmental impact and enabling electrification of society. The BLESS™ I will deliver Peak Shave* and FCR-D** from BatteryLoop´s digital service platform.
“The customer will have increased control over their power costs and a secure capacity to be able to offer a higher power and quality to the charging infrastructure that has been installed. At the same time as supporting the electricity grid and thereby contributing to the conversion of renewable electricity production.” Rasmus explains.

In the collaboration, Toyota Material Handling has provided the batteries for the BLESS™ I.

“Creating an Energy Storage consisting of our used Forklift batteries is intelligent and sustainable, good for the global environment. It will even out the energy need in our society around the clock, which is a well-known Toyota Way principle” Kristian Björkman, Senior Vice President TMHE Supply.

Micropower Group is the battery producer.
“We are very happy that we in this collaboration can show a great use case for our battery modules when they are no longer suitable for its initial purpose. As a supplier of batteries, we want to enable our customers to in a sustainable way be able to recycle or re-use their batteries. Finding solutions like this both increases value and improves the environmental impact of the battery modules” says Fredrik Falk, VP Marketing and Sales Micropower Group.

The property where Stena Metall Groups has its main office is one of Stena Fastigheter´s commercial real estates in the Gothenburg area. This is the second commercial building where a circular energy storage system has been installed.

“Stena Fastigheter works actively to find sustainable energy solutions, and the investment in battery storage is part of that work. Through an innovative solution and with a focus on circularity, we contribute to improve power regulation and energy storage in the building, which constitutes a stabilizing function for a changing electricity network, says Agneta Kores, MD of Stena Fastigheter Göteborg.

  • The base of the BLESS™ I is 800 battery modules with 150 Ah each from Toyota Material Handling.
  • The BLESS™ I is connected to 55 EV charging points, with 4 semi-fast charging of 22kW.
  • Peak Shave* cuts the property's power peaks and thereby reduces the power cost of the electricity network subscription. The service can also increase the available electrical power and thereby increase the functionality of installed charging infrastructure.
  • FCR-D** is used to sell the energy capacity of the energy storage to Svenska Kraftnät's market to support services during times when Peak Shave is not used and thereby generates revenue.
  • The BLESS™ I have a power of 155kW.

For more information contact:
Olivia Falklind, Communications, BatteryLoop, olivia.falklind@batteryloop.com
Mia Larsson, Head of Communications, Stena Fastigheter Göteborg, mia.larsson@stena.com
Lars Philipsson, Director Automation TMHMS, lars.philipsson@toyota-industries.eu
Rebecca Andersson, Marketing Officer, Micropower Group,rebecca.andersson@micropower.se 
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