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Battery & Battery Charger Product Series

We develop new technology, battery and battery charger systems every day

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Where there is a need for energy, Micropower has a solution. With decades of experience we have the latest energy products and systems for industrial applications.

Access Battery Charger

Energy efficient battery chargers with wireless communication

The Access series of industrial High Frequency battery charger from Micropower provides you with powerful and energy efficient battery charging and wireless communication. The modern state of the art MOSFET power conversion circuit efficiently and accurately converts AC power to the proper DC power levels required to charge different kinds of industrial batteries. Every Access charger can be set to perform both conventional charging and various levels of opportunity charging. There are several different charging curves available, such as for ionic mixing and opportunity charging, preprogrammed into every Access charger.

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Red Access Charger Micropower

Lion Battery Charger

Powerful battery charging for Lithium ion batteries

The Lion series of industrial High Frequency battery charger from Micropower provides you with powerful and energy efficient battery charging. The modern state of the art MOSFET power conversion circuit efficiently and accurately converts AC power to the proper DC power levels required to charge different kinds Lithium ion batteries. The chargers are preprogramed from our factory but can easily be reprogramed if working conditions (such as new kinds of Lithium ion battery) are to change. The Lion charger comes with real-time clock, radio transceiver and remote start in standard edition. On top of that there are additional accessories to add. Please see the accessories tab.

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Blue charger Micropower

Micropower SC Battery Charger

New generation of smart and easy-to-use battery chargers

Micropower SC battery chargers are easy to use, fully compatible with GET Fleet Management System and sets a new standard for industrial battery chargers from Micropower. The Micropower SC is aimed for stationary battery charging applications and can be used for both Lithium ion battery charging as well as charging of Lead acid batteries.

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Micropower SC Charger

Sharp Battery Charger

Versatile and efficient battery chargers

The Sharp series consists of energy-efficient High Frequency industrial battery chargers. They are regulated, primary switched chargers with charging curves that suit most battery types and applications. The charging process is optimized so that the battery is fully charged in the shortest time possible, with as low water consumption and wear on the battery as possible.

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BRIX Lithium ion BATTERY

Flexible and modular Lithium ion batteries

Micropower's Li-ion battery solution is based on the flexible battery modules BRIX. The battery modules comes in different standardized sizes making it flexible for various voltage and capacities. The battery modules are easy to handle and assembly into different battery sizes by serial connect the battery modules. The system can reach voltage up to 1000V and capacity up to 700 kWh. 

The modular Li-ion battery modules BRIX, are manufactured at Micropower's own production sites in Sweden. The battery modules are manufactured in automated production lines, ensuring high industrial production rate as well as meeting the top quality requirements. 

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DC/DC Converters & Chargers

Waterproof DC/DC Converters with IP67

The DC/DC converter is designed with the latest switching technology in DC to DC conversion, resulting with an efficiency above 96%. This brings a cool running product with minimal powerloss. The internal electronics is protected against wrong polarization and short-circuit which prevents damage to the device by misuse. 

The DC/DC charger with IP67 is an advanced charger which converts voltages from 9-16VDC or 18-32VDC to a correct charge algoritm for all types of lead-acid batteries (Standard, GEL/AGM, Calcium). The highly effective design delivers a charging current of 15 Amps for the 12V version which guarantees a fast and efficient recharging. Input and output are galvanic seperated. Installation and assembly is carried out easily.
All models are available with IP67 enclosure, making them waterproof and very shock resistant. 

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Robust Battery Charger

Intelligent and robust battery chargers

The Robust battery chargers uses high end switching technology. The intelligent microcontroller extends the life of the battery by supervising the charging process.The charger is compact, silent and meets the EU safety and EMC requirements. Chargers are available for a variety of battery types including Lithium Ion batteries. The ruggedized design and compact volume together with high efficiency makes the Robust charger perfect for a multitude of tough tasks. They are equally suited to charge batteries for cyclical applications, as they are to do maintenance charging of vehicle batteries. The Robust chargeris suiteble both as free standing and as ”on board” chargers. The enclosure is IP54 -protected against water and dirt. Optional enclosure with IP66 (Waterproof) is available.

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Robust charger

PAC/PAP Battery Charger

Versatile custom battery charger

PAC/PAP battery chargers and power supplies use modern high-frequency switching technology. The intelligent control processor extends battery life by controlling the charging process. The device is compact, lightweight and meets EU requirements for safety and EMC.

PAC/PAP is part of Micropower's offering within Custom Products. Contact us and we will find a solution for you, 

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PAC/PAP battery charger

ABC Battery Charger

Universal battery charger for all batteries

ABC chargers is a universal battery charger that can be adapted to all kinds of battery types, such as open Lead-acid, GEL/AGM, NiCD, Lithium etc. The chargers operates with high frequency technology and is very compact with high efficiency. The charging process is controlled by a microprocessor with a pre-programmed charging algorithm. Diffrent charging algorithms for all types of batteries and sizes are available. The size combined with low weight make these chargers particularly suitable for on-board vehicle mounting. Connections for external LED’s, temperature compensated charging and control function, for example immobilizer, is availible on the charger.

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ABC Battery Charger

Champ Battery Charger

Compact and robust battery charger

Champ is a compact battery charger intended for lead acid batteries of any kind and also available for Lithium ion batteries. Basic models are in 12V and 24V versions. The charging is controlled by the internal electronics which always secures a correct charge of your batteries. The ruggedized design and compact volume together with very high efficiency makes the Champ perfect for a multitude of tough tasks. They are equally suited to charge batteries for cyclical installations, as they are to do maintenance charging of starter batteries. The Champ charger handle difficult working environment such as on the frameworks of a truck and under the bonnet in a vehicle as an ”on board” charger. 

Also available as Champ PRO with IP67 for waterproof usage. 

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Champ battery chargers
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