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Battery chargers and power supplies for industrial applications

Micropower Oy designs and manufactures products in all Micropower Group’s market segments. We offer our proven platforms as a starting point to quickly and safely develop and produce robust chargers and power supplies for demanding special applications. 

Within the Customized Solutions segment, you will find our power supplies and chargers in trains, grid stations, defence solutions, boats and many industrial solutions, such as anti-corrosion systems. 

Within automotive applications, you will find our products in applications like buses, special vehicles and gardening machines. 

In the material handling sector, you will find our products e.g. in forklifts and sweeping machines. Within our areas of expertise in battery charging and power supplies we work closely with our customers and often adapt our platforms to suit our customers needs, including branding the products for their own market channels.

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Software battery solutions.

About the company

R&D and efficient manufaturing

During the past 30 years, Micropower Oy has developed more than 1 600 products and ships annually approximately 40 000 units of battery chargers and power supplies to our customers all over the world. A variety of our standard products covers most of the needs due to their flexibility and high efficiency rate, but in cases when a standard product is not enough, we are real professionals to design a customized solution to meet your exceptional demand. 

Our strength lies in combining innovative R&D and efficient manufacturing, we are able to deliver also small series with short delivery times even for customized solutions, always ensuring careful design and tailoring to meet and even exceed our customers’ special needs.

  • STANDARD SOLUTIONS – Design and manufacturing of high frequency battery chargers and power supplies for professional use with high efficiency rate
  • CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS – Developing customized products to meet exceptional needs for e.g. interference, IP class, product size etc.
  • LEADING TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS – Power supplies and chargers, which meets the complex requirements for performance and reliability

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A custom platform for electric ACDC-applications.


We help you to solve your challenges

You are welcomed to contact us at any time. Let us discuss your application in detail together, we are truly interested in solving your challenges. Our experience team is there for you, what starts with a seemingly simple questions often develops into a long term business relation. 

We are located at:
Micropower Oy
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