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Industrial Battery Chargers & Systems

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Enhance charging performance and get maximum up-time with a reliable, robust and energy efficient battery chargers and systems. Search our product guide to get the right charger for your batteries.

Industrial Battery Charger

The Modern Power Source

Industrial battery chargers is the modern power source for the working electrical industry sector. Micropower’s industrial battery chargers feature reliable and robust hardware design, intelligent and smart software functions and are developed with the customers and their business in mind. With decades of experience and supplying the industrial sector with the latest in electronics and power supplies, we are today a well-known partner and supplier in the industry, worldwide.

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The modern power source

Industrial Battery Charging System

How The Chargers Work In Different Daily Operations

Micropower has been supplying the industrial sector with battery chargers for nearly four decades and has worked closely with several customers around the world in different industrial applications such as electric forklift trucks, the automotive sector, utility vehicles, AGVs and cleaning machines.

Today you can find both Micropower’s stationary chargers for traction batteries and integrated onboard battery chargers and systems at airports, supporting the electric ground support equipment and at demanding construction sites serving together with heavy electrical construction equipment.

How the chargers work in daily operations

Stationary Battery Charging Of Traction Batteries
Stationary battery chargers work perfectly when customers have their charging stationed out in the facility, either in battery charging rooms (working together with a battery exchange system) or in individual spots based on operators' working areas where they can be used for fast and/or opportunity charging during breaks and lunches.

Onboard Charging - Mounted On Machine Or Vehicle
Onboard battery chargers work onboard at the vehicle or machine and can be charged whenever there is a power output available. They are characterized by its compactness and robustness to fit the machine/vehicle and cope with everyday industrial challenges and conditions.

Forklift driver at warehouse shelves

What Different Kinds Of Charger Series Are There?

Series For Various Electric Needs

Micropower has several types of battery chargers and is sorting them into different series depending on main features of the battery charger and customer needs.

Micropower SC 

Micropower SC features a user-friendly solution with a large LED panel on front, indicating State of Charge, simple cable connection and fast mounting, as well as full compatibility to fleet management system and CAN-bus communication.


Lion battery charger range, is particularly developed for Lithium ion batteries with CAN bus communication, suitable for fast and/or opportunity charging during operator’s daily pauses in their driving schedule. Lion is also part of the complete Lionbrix battery system.


Access series of battery chargers is a high efficient industrial HF battery charger series with radio communication and cloud connectivity, for both stationary charging of traction batteries (e.g. Open Lead-Acid, GEL, AGM) to onboard chargers.

Micropower SC Charger

Other well-known and widely used industrial battery charger series from Micropower are:

  • ABC - universal battery charger (e.g. Open Lead-Acid, GEL/AGM, NiCD and Lithium ion).
  • Champ & Champ PRO - compact battery charger for Lead-Acid batteries available with IP67 for demanding businesses.
  • Sharp - regulated and primary switched battery chargers with charging curves that suit most battery types.
  • Workshop battery charger - designed for workshops that require 12V or 24V.
  • Military battery charger - for nominal 12V or 24V, meeting military standard requirements.
  • Rescue battery charger - charging programs and options optimized for vehicles in rescue service. Specially designed to avoid overcharging and extend battery life.

Micropower ABC Charger

Important factors when choosing a charger

Mains Voltages Ranges

Micropower’s battery chargers are used globally in different industrial sectors. Battery charger model ranges consists for most mains voltages that are standard around the world, amongst others:

  • 1x110-210VAC
  • 1x200-240VAC
  • 3x200-240VAC
  • 3x380-415VAC
  • 3x480VAC
  • 3x600VAC

For secondary voltages from 12V up to 120V for singular battery charger units and all common industrial battery types, such as Lithium ion, Open Lead-acid, AGM and GEL.

Technician checking charger

Choose the right battery charger

Battery Charger Guide: For Open Lead-acid, AGM & GEL Batteries

Find the battery charger you need for your battery with Micropower's battery charger guide. The guide works for traditional batteries such as Open Lead Acid, AGM and GEL batteries. Simply fill in the output voltage, battery size and type, e.g. Open Lead-acid, the typical charging time, mains phase and mains voltage, and get a suggestion on the perfect battery charger for you.

Battery Charger Guide

Why Smart Battery Charging Solutions?

When Communication & Connectivity Is Important

There are lots of advantages with cloud-connected batteries and chargers. Smart software solutions will optimize the battery and electrical fleet by:

  • Increasing the efficiency
  • Prolonging battery life
  • Decreasing costs

Micropower offers its customers different software solutions, depending on their business and needs, such as:

  • Fleet management system
  • Dynamic power limitation function
  • Battery exchange system for optimized battery usage

These systems and functions are either standard in our wide range of industrial battery charger products or additional. 

A man and a woman in blue overalls are looking at several large computer screens in a clean industrial environment.

Smart Features for Customer's Optimization

Micropower’s battery chargers have smart features to make customers’ electric operations more efficient and easier. From standard radio communication and Near Field Communication technology to read out the state of charge and information logs, to cloud connectivity that presents data in an intuitive way, automatically.

Micropower’s software system and functions will help you optimize your electrical industry business and lift it to the next level. Information is automatically transferred and analyzed from the battery charger and battery to the cloud and is displayed on a smartphone or laptop, showing the important KPIs.

We want to give you the best tools possible to use the battery charger products in the most efficient way, for the longest time and simplifying operators' daily usage of the electrical fleet. 

Two operators at monitors with software systems

If you need a Customized Solution

When Standard Is Not Enough

Micropower also works with Custom Solutions, where we offer a wide range of technology and battery charger platforms and products to be customized for customers every need, e.g. PAC/PAP and Robust series. Both series use the modern high-frequency switching technology and PAC/PAP is characterized by its compactness and lightweight while the Robust chargers have a ruggedized design making it perfect for demanding applications and to serve as an onboard charger.

Custom Solutions offers everything from stationary battery chargers, to onboard battery chargers, for small battery applications and larger ones that are demanding more robust battery and charging solutions. 

Read More About Custom Solutions

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