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Get The Right & Maximum Power With DC/DC

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DC/DC power converters, chargers and equalizers for industrial applications, with robust design featuring IP67, water and shock resistance. See our complete model range to select the perfect DC/DC unit for your industrial application. 


DC/DC Converters, Chargers & Equalizers for Industrial Applications

DC/DC refers to transforming one DC (direct current) to another. Micropower has a comprehensive DC/DC model range incl. converters, chargers and equalizers,  that covers most applications. 

  • All Micropower's DC/DC converters have been developed with a focus on high efficiency, robust and compact design, with uncomplicated installation. All models are available with IP67 protection.
  • The DC/DC Chargers suits all types of Lead Acid batteries (Standard, GEL/AGM, Calcium). The highly effective design guarantees fast and efficient recharging. Installation and assembly is carried out easily.
  • The DC/DC Equalizers for military applications are efficient meets the toughest requirements. 

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What Is a DC/DC Converter?

DC/DC for Transformation of the Power Source

A DC/DC converter is an electronic circuit or electromechanical unit that converts one source of direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another. In other words, it’s a type of a power converter. The DC/DC converter is used when there is a need to increase or decrease the voltage level supplied from the output, for example in automotive, utility vehicles or forklift applications. 

Find Your DC/DC Converter

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What Different Kinds Of DC/DC Converters Are There?

Types For Various Electric Needs

The DC/DC converter comes with a range of different features such as isolated or non isolated, with various IP classification depending on usage and classified according to tough standards such as MIL-STD 461 F and MIL-STD 1275D for demanding military applications.

DC/DC Converter With IP21

IP classifications refers to ingress protection and the classification indicates the degree of protection for electrical devices. Micropower divides its DC to DC converter range in two categories - DC/DC converter with IP21 and DC/ DC converter with IP67. Both series includes isolated and non-isolated models.

The DC to DC with IP21 series features:
  • Input Voltage: 9-18V, 9-36V, 18-36V, 33-65V
  • Output Voltage: 12V, 24V
  • Power: 100W, 200W
The standard enclosure for the IP21 models are with protective coating of the electronics.

Find Your DC/DC Converter With IP21

DC/DC Converter With IP21

DC/DC Converter With IP67

The DC/DC converter with IP67 series features:

  • Input Voltage: 36-65V, 18-32V, 9-36V, 60-110V
  • Output Voltage: 24,5V, 13,5V, 24V
  • Power: 400W, 200W, 380W
The converters is designed with the latest switching technology in DC to DC conversion, resulting with an impressive efficiency above 96%. The DC to DC converter that are IP67 classified, are waterproof and shock resistant. The robust aluminum housing makes the unit perfect for installation in harsh environments.

Find Your DC/DC Converter With IP67

DC/DC converter with IP67

Industrial DC/DC Chargers

The Right & Maximum Power For 12V And 24V

The DC/DC charger works with a battery by isolating the main battery from an alternator. The charger will improve the charge of the main battery to maximize the capacity. The process will allow the battery to get 100% charged.

The DC/DC chargers from Micropower are technology advanced, but easily installed, and converts voltages from 9-16VDC or 18-32VDC, to a correct charge algorithm for all types of lead-acid batteries. The design delivers a charging current of 15A for 12V and 8A for 24V, which guarantees fast and efficient recharging. Input and output are galvanic separated. The DC to DC charger range comes both with IP21 and IP67. 

Find Your DC/DC Charger

DC/DC Charger

Custom Solutions

When Standard Is Not Enough, We Create A DC/DC Solution For You

The DC/DC power platform, part of the Custom Solutions offerings, includes both isolated and non-isolated power conversion in the range from 60W-1500W. The platforms come with several input and output ranges with a minimal footprint through high usage of surface mount technologies. Contact us for more information about our customized DC/DC solutions. 

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