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DC/DC Conversion

DC/DC converters that provide the voltage you need

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A DC/DC converter is an electric power converter that converts a DC power source from one voltage level to another. They are used in battery-powered products where the power that comes in needs to be converted to one or several different voltage levels.

DC/DC Converters – When a system requires several different DC voltages

A DC/DC converter can be used when several DC voltages are required in one system. It is relatively common for the propulsion to have one system voltage while maneuvering and instrumentation require another. For example, a forklift with 48V or 80V for propulsion might have 24V for instrumentation. Smaller utility vehicles are powered by both 48V and 96V, while the instrumentation is supplied with 12V.

DC/DC converters are also used to separate the primary power supply from connected equipment, preventing the occurrence of unwanted currents. They can also be used to create an isolated and fully regulated voltage supply for connected equipment.

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Reliable power supply

Modern applications set high demands on the power supply, increasing the importance of reliable and efficient DC/DC converters. The converters must be able to withstand tough conditions and preferably have integrated protection against incorrect polarization, over voltage, overheating and overload.

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Micropower's DC/DC converters

Micropower has a comprehensive DC/DC model program that covers a wide range of applications. The model range consists of units from 65W up to 700W and handles voltages from 12V to 120V. All models are available in robust and waterproof designs and IP67 protection class. All Micropower's DC/DC converters have been developed with a focus on high efficiency, safe and compact design, with simple and uncomplicated installation.

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