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Sustainability Policy

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Our planet needs new solutions. 

Sustainability Policy

Our planet needs new solutions. Micropower contributes with development and production of innovative and reliable products for electrification.

For Micropower sustainability, with regards to financial, environmental and social aspects, is fundamental and guiding for all operations.

Our values are based on our Code of Conduct and our core values.
Micropower understand transparency of its sustainability work is an important principle.
Micropower develops solutions, working methods and set the right priorities in close dialogue with our stakeholders.

Micropower's sustainability work is based on the principles below.

We will:
  • Develop efficient and safe products that are sustainable throughout the life cycle.
  • Work with suppliers who take responsibility for the environment, the workplace and quality in their own and their subcontractors' operations.
  • Achieve our financial goals while maintaining focus on all three parts of sustainability.
  • Choose the right energy solutions and streamline our energy use
  • Plan, coordinate and choose the right suppliers for our transports
  • Sort and handle our waste responsibly
  • Strive to increase the proportion of recycled materials in our purchases
  • Constantly develop/empower our employees to be able to achieve our goals
  • Be an attractive employer and workplace
  • Have a healthy, safe and secure workplace
  • Make continuous improvements and develop the competencies of employees in order to achieve the Group's targets and long-term strategy

Sustinability Report 2022 PDF

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