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Per Nordgren

Per has a long career leading industrial companies on global growth journeys and served as the CEO of Hägglunds Drives up until 2009. Since 2009, Per is active as an industrial adviser and currently serves as Chairman of the board in Rototilt, Scanacon, Hydroware and as a member of the board of Karnell.


Potrait Per Nordgren


Johan Pernvi

Johan is a Partner with Polaris Private Equity and responsible for Polaris investment in Micropower. Johan has extensive experience from private equity investments and board assignments in the industrial goods sector, having served on the boards of Ewellix, Ovako, Logstor, DIAB and Mobile Climate Control.


Potrait Johan Pernvi


Daniel Westberg

Daniel has extensive experience from leading engineering focused companies within the industrial goods sector. Daniel spent over 15 years in leading positions within the SKF Group and recently served as the CEO of Ewellix.


Portrait Daniel Westberg


Mikael Forslund

Mikael has a long career of leadership position in industrial companies in Sweden and abroad, amongst others as CEO of Andritz AB. Mikael currently holds the position as CEO of Elof Hansson Group.


Portrait Mikael Forslund

Board Member

Åsa Gabrielsson

Åsa has experience as R&D manager and broad knowledge in technology, and specifically in battery technology. Today she holds the position as Vice President R&D at Epiroc.


Portrait Åsa Gabrielsson
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