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Commitment to Excellence: True Power Lies in Collaboration

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Meet Petronella Lunde, Design Manager at Micropower Group, who presents our core value 'Presence' through her perspective. 

In our pursuit of future success, our company's core values - Dedication, Sincerity, Presence, and Responsibility - are paramount. These values not only shape our culture but also serve as catalysts for achieving our mission; making electrification of the industry a reality.

Presence keeps us agile and adaptable, allowing us to respond swiftly to market changes and emerging trends.

We are where it happens, when it happens.

Focused on the present, on the world around us, our customers' expressed and unspoken challenges, we see what needs to be done and inspire each other with a collective drive towards something even better (excellence). 

We include the right people at the right time in decision-making, share information with those who need it, thus leveraging the best and most of the skills and knowledge within Micropower.

We act and win together. The true power lies in collaboration.

Annika Undin
Annika Undin

HR Manager


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Commitment to Excellence: Sincerity at Heart.


Employee portrait

Meet Niklas Claesson, VP - QEHS at Micropower Group, when he gives his perspective on our fourth and final core value 'Sincerity'. 

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Sustainability Report 2023



Micropower Group's Sustainability Report 2023 is published and available to read.