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Ground Support Equipment

Reliable, Electric And Connected Ground Support Equipment

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Electric ground support equipment is the foundation of a functional airport, no matter where you are. Serving in any weather condition demands reliability of the power source.


Reliable Charging Solutions For Ground Support Equipment

Micropower's robust and reliable systems and products for batteries and battery charging are up to the challenge and are used at some of the largest airports in the world. We know vibrations, water and tough usage are a part of the everyday conditions. That is why Micropower has made sure that the battery chargers are tough enough for your everyday usage and have a high IP classification to support it.

  • Complete battery and charging systems
  • Robust design (onboard and stationary)
  • High IP classification

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A plane on the ground in the airport with ground support vehicles nearby.


Energy efficient lithium ion solutions

Micropower's modular Li-ion batteries and chargers are perfect for the GSE at your airport. Micropower offers a wide range of battery solutions combined with field proven battery charger range.

  • Stand-alone or fully integrated
  • Onboard or stationary chargers
  • Redundancy and safety functions at all levels

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Lionbrix system


Optimize through connectivity

It's easier to know how to optimize usage if you have correct information to base your decisions upon. All Micropower's systems and products are compatible with software solutions for battery and charging optimization. The system solutions handles data, analysis and alerts automatically based on your own selected KPI - giving you time to focus on other things. 

  • Cloud connectivity and visualization
  • Real-time data transfer and analyzes
  • Automatic alerts 

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Always one step ahead

Through research and development we challenge, not only the industry, but also ourselves to push the boundaries further. This has made us a supplier to some of the largest airports in the world. Our battery chargers stand and serve as a reliable partner to the ground support equipment and its operators. Reliable, robust and easy to use.

The airport at sunset. A passenger plane is parked on the ground and another one is coming in for landing. Ground Support Equipment is driving on the ground.

Battery charging solutions for your GSE application

Micropower supplies the industry with our field proven, high quality battery chargers up to 100 kW for onboard or stationary charging applications.

Can’t find a solution for your application?

We know that a standard product is not always the best answer. We have a long history of creating custom solutions and products. If you can’t find a battery charging system for your ground support equipment – contact us.

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