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Micropower want you to get the most out of your business, that includes your battery and battery charger fleet. Therefore we have made it possible to optimize your daily operations with our software solutions.

GET Fleet Management System

Optimize through an automated system

GET is a fleet management system that handles data transfer and analysis, as well as notifications for your batteries and battery chargers. GET will automatically notify you if there are any problems or issues outside of preprogrammed settings on any of your equipment. Which means that you can get all information you need to make smart decisions and optimize your business without having to think about it. No more unexpected problems and no more unnecessary costs.

  • Automatic data transfer, analysis and notification
  • Remote access to real-time data
  • Compatible with all Micropower products

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Tablet with GET System

DPL Dynamic Power Limitation

Reduce power peaks while fast charging

Dynamic Power Limitation (DPL) eliminates high power peaks and expensive electrical bills by ensuring that a defined group of battery chargers doesn’t exceed the mains power available. It also eliminates the risk for high power peaks caused by simultaneous fast and opportunity charging. Dynamic Power Limitation gives you full power when available and shared power when needed – without any operator input.

  • Eliminate the risk of power peaks
  • Easy to install - wireless and no extra hardware required
  • Makes fast and opportunity charging possible and profitable 

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A forklift fleet battery charging system at work.

BBC Best Battery Choice

Select the best battery available in your battery exchange room

Maximize battery charging room efficiency and extend battery life through proper changing and rotation into your fleet with Best Battery Choice (BBC). Naturally, operators often turn to the batteries that are convenient and easily accessible. With a battery exchange system function, such as BBC, operators will get a direct information about the best battery choice available. This will optimize your battery fleet and ensure that no battery is worn out prematurely or not used enough.

  • Easy to use
  • Save money by maximize battery life
  • No external hardware - wireless connection

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A battery charging system for forklifts at work.
Picture of Tomas Sturesson, Global Product Manager for Software and Solutions, Micropower Group
Tomas Sturesson

Global Product Manager - Software and Solutions


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