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Electric Construction Equipment – Powered By Lithium Ion Batteries

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Construction machines and equipment with diesel engines are transforming to more sustainable, electric power sources such as lithium ion battery systems. Micropower offers reliable power and charging even in the toughest environment and the most demanding working conditions.


Reliable battery solutions for tough conditions

Micropower knows vibrations, water and tough weather are part of the everyday job site conditions. That is why Micropower has made sure that our batteries and chargers are reliable and have a high IP classification, for consistent performance in the toughest conditions.

  • Robust design 
  • High IP classification
  • Proven and industry preferred battery chemistry

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Stand-alone or integrated battery solution

Micropower offers a wide range of fully integrated or stand-alone battery solutions combined with a field proven battery charger range. No matter what needs are to be found on your construction site, Micropower has a battery and charging solution.

  • Stand-alone or full machine integration
  • Onboard or stationary battery charger
  • Complete system

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Lionbrix system


Double redundancy for highest level of safety

Micropower's Li-ion battery systems are always developed with safety in mind. With double redundancy and safety functions at cell, mechanical and the battery management system level, Micropower offer the highest level of safety. In the event of a malfunction, there are safeguards in place.

  • Developed, tested and transported according to international directives
  • Double redundancy
  • Safety functions at all levels

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Electrical engineers at the R&D-department at Micropower working with a research project

Always one step ahead

Through research and development we challenge, not only the industry, but also ourselves to push the boundaries further. That is why our systems and products for construction equipment have the high level of flexibility, safety and performance that the application demands.

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Battery and charging solutions for your construction equipment

Micropower offers complete and well-tested systems and products for batteries and battery charging with a very high level of safety. The modular concept creates flexible systems that are easy to install, maintain and integrate into any type of construction equipment.

Can’t find a solution for your application?

We know that a standard product is not always the best answer. We have a long history of creating custom solutions and products. If you can’t find a battery charging system for your construction equipment – contact us.

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