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When do you need a DC-to-DC converter with IP67?

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DC-to-DC converters are an important part of a machine or vehicle’s electrical system. The need to convert the voltage of a battery to another voltage level (or several) within the system is crucial for a working and safe operation.

IP67 (Ingress Protection Class) has been a highlighted feature for several years. The IP67 classification is important but should be selected when needed since it’s a cost driver and can in some cases also decrease the efficiency of the unit.

So, when do you need IP67?

An IP67 classification means that the product is resistant to solid objects, such as dust and sand, and that the product is waterproof. In this case, waterproof means that the product can withstand water penetration for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

DC-to-DC converters with IP67 should be selected when the machine or vehicle is used in extreme environments or exposed to very harsh conditions. More often, DC-to-DC converters with IP21 is sufficient and more cost-effective. We recommend discussing the issue with a DC-to-DC expert to get the most optimal choice of converter.

An example, Micropower has delivered DC-to-DC converters with IP67 to customers within the automotive and military sector. The vehicles are used in tough environments. It demands that the converter is waterproof and can handle harsh conditions, water and heavy vibrations. Here is a DC-to-DC converter with IP67 the perfect choice.

Micropower offers DC-to-DC converters from 65W up to 700W and handles voltages from 12V to 120V, all with IP67. These converters are optimal for applications that go through tough and demanding conditions. The compact product design generates a low heat build-up, making the DC-to-DC converters well-adapted for hot environments. The ruggedized housing makes it optimized for rough vibrations and wet environments.

One feature of Micropower’s DC-to-DC converters is that the efficiency rate stays top-class (>96%) even with IP67 classification. It’s one of the most efficient DC-to-DC converters with IP67 there is on the market.

Read more about Micropower’s complete range of DC-to-DC converters or contact one of our experts today. 
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