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Micropower won this year's Wood Construction Award from Växjö Municipality.
On Thursday, October 28, Växjökommun awarded the previous and this year's prizes in the categories Wooden Building and Building. Micropower Group, together with three other players, was nominated for this year's Wood Construction Award for our battery factory in the Nylanda area, in Växjö.

Battery factory exterior:
  • Silicate-treated wooden slats
  • Solar park on the roof
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Sedum roof on smaller buildings
  • Water pond and planting to generate biodiversity

  • Glulam frame and wood panels
  • Polished concrete floor
  • Moss walls for air purification
  • High ceilings and natural light
Anna Tenje, chair of the municipal board, gave the following motivation when it became clear that Micropower was this year's winner:

- Micropower is awarded with this year's wooden building award for its innovative office building that has allowed both the wooden interior and exterior to take place and benefit from the material in its architecture. The entire property focuses on sustainability with green technology and an outdoor environment that is designed to promote biodiversity ”.

Micropower is proud and grateful for both being nominated and winning the award. Micropower would like to thank the municipality of Växjö and also the actors around us who made the battery factory possible, e.g. Arkitektbolaget and GBJ Bygg. We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Christer Carlsson (from right in picture), CEO of Vöfab, who together with Peab and LBE Arkitekter won this year's Building Award for the preschool Äventyret.

Brief background to the building:
  • In 2017, Micropower acquires a company that specializes in Lithium-ion batteries. In the same year, manual production for Lithium-ion batteries started 
  • In 2018, decision and start of constructing a new battery factory 
  • In 2019, the battery operations was moved to the new battery factory and automatic production started
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Rebecca Andersson

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