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Code of Conduct

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Provide our organization with standards and values so that we do what is right for our customers, business partners, employees, communities and the environment. 

Code of Conduct

We are committed to being a long-term, honest and fair, respected partner in the business and societies we act in.

The DNA of Micropower is to be long-term in everything we do – quality, relationships, product development – or in other words – Sustainable.

This Code of Conduct is putting words on our strong culture and outlining the base of how we in Micropower act and what can be expected from us.
We, the employees of Micropower, have an obligation and responsibility to represent the company and these values, both by letter and spirit, at all time.

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Micropower 位于韦克舍的新总部开工啦!


Micropower 新闻稿


Micropower 电池工厂备受关注


Micropower 新闻稿

韦克舍市政府建筑委员会,已经提名 Micropower 新电池工厂作为三个候选项目之一,竞争韦克舍年度建筑大奖。该奖项是专门颁发给非常适合该地块的优秀建筑。