We are proud of our history and our success. Our values originate from the foundation in 1984. They have developed over the years along with organic growth and acquisitions. The values unite our employees in the different companies around the world to one single corporation. For us, the need is obvious – but also necessary – that all people representing Micropower share the same core values on business ethics, quality, environment and workplace.


Our four core values are:

  • Customer focus
  • Quality
  • No wasteful behaviour
  • We-attitude
In the Micropower Group we follow highly set standards on business ethics, quality, environmental issues and workplace environment.


High quality is a condition for our future development. Through continuous improvement of our routines and design – from order to delivery and service – we want our customers degree of satisfaction to increase. Equipped with deep knowledge and high capacity we intend to deliver products in accordance with the customers’ explicit and implicit demands and their expectations shall always be complied with, and whenever possible, exceeded. Our products should be delivered timely at the right quality and in accordance with applicable legislation. We aim to keep short delivery times for both standard products and spares and to maintain and improve our reputation as a stable supplier through excellent service and lean administration. We want our sub-suppliers to understand and meet our requirements, and our customers to feel secure that promises and commitments made by us are always complied with. High quality is an essential and integrated component of our activities and business culture.


  • We test each unit before delivery to ensure 0% error at delivery.
  • Our target for 2 years of operation is an error frequency of less than 1%.
  • Our production philosophy is based on LEAN / TPS
  • Conflict Minerals Statement
Short delivery times, in time and at the right quality.

Environment policy

We care for the environment by using reusable resources, as the first choice, for the products of the company and in the daily activities. We shall comply with and if possible exceed the laws and other requirements imposed by authorities and customers. Continuous improvements is the base for preventive environmental work.


  • We define and follow up environmental targets with the help of our Environmental Policy. 
  • We deliver products which increase the lifetime of batteries, thereby reducing the waste handling of consumed batteries.
  • In order to minimize harmful environmental influence of products and substances, we integrate the environmental work into development and distribution.
  • We frequently inform our sub-suppliers about  our and our customers’ environmental requirements in order to increase the environmental consciousness.
  • Both staff and management take responsibility for compliance with the policy. 
The environmental work is integrated in our development and distribution.

Social Responsibility

We feel that it is important to support organizations that contribute in different ways to improve conditions for children and adults in the world. We have selected three organizations that play an important role in this work.


  • UNICEF is the UN Children  Fundation, the world’s largest aid organization for children. UNICEF is working among others with defending of children’s rights, fight poverty and support children’s right to education.
  • Cancerfonden The Swedish Cancer Society is an independent non-profit organization with the vision of finding cures for cancer. The overall aim of the Society is to achieve a higher survival rate and a reduction in the incidence of cancer.
  • My Special Day (Min Stora Dag) The mission of the foundation is to grant wishes to children diagnosed with a serious medical condition. The foundation collaborates with all University Hospitals and children’s clinics in Sweden.
To help and support people in need is important to us.

Privacy policy

Micropower Group respects your personal privacy. Our Data Protection Policy explains how Micropower Group collects and manages personal data. For questions regarding privacy and data protection, please contact us at   To offer you our services and products, we need to process your personal information according to the document below. We do this with the utmost respect of your integrity.  


Micropower Group – Data Protection Policy 2018

For questions regarding privacy and data protection, please contact us at