Lion 30

Lion 30 is a 1 phase Li-ion battery charger with capacities up to 3 kW.


Lion 30 comes in two versions, with and without display. Lion 30 with display is a powerful and intelligent battery charger with IP20 enclosure. It is designed primarily as a stationary charger but is also ideally suited as an onboard charger.


Lion 30 without display has an IP54 enclosure, designed for harsh environments. As an option it can be delivered with an IP66 enclosure.




The Lion charger from Micropower provides you with powerful and energy efficient battery charging. The modern state of the art MOSFET power conversion circuit efficiently and accurately converts AC power to the proper DC power levels required to charge different kinds li-ion batteries. The chargers are preprogramed from our factory but can easily be reprogramed if working conditions (such as new kinds of Li-Ion battery) are to change. The Lion charger comes with real-time clock, radio transceiver and remote start in standard edition. On top of that there are additional accessories to add. Please see the accessories tab.


The Lion chargers are equipped with a I/O card for CAN-bus communication.


Statistics and information about deviations from the last 2000 charging cycles are stored in the Lion charger’s memory. The information can be accessed either via the charger display or, using the Access Gateway, on a laptop.


– Energy efficient MOSFET design.

– Possibility to add three charge block-out periods to avoid times of peak demand and optimize energy cost if time of day billing are in use.

– Lion adapts its power use according to available main fuse. This way the charger always gives maximum power possible.

– Wireless maximum power. This feature makes it possible to limit total power consumption for a group of chargers.

Working environment

Dusty environment, Outdoor use, Cold store, Tropical environment


  • Ip enclosureIP20
  • Certificate
  • ReportingYes
  • ApplicationStandard