LIONBRIX Goes Automotive

Micropower Automotive, together with the car manufacturer Melex, has developed a 10kWh Lithium-ion battery for propulsion.

The LIONBRIX Li-ion battery system from Micropower Group has been manufactured since 2017 and was primarily marketed in the Motive business segment. Now, Micropower Group is taking another step in the Li-ion technology and offers LIONBRIX to another of their segment – Automotive.


Together with the car manufacturer Melex, Primepower (part of the Micropower Group) has manufactured an efficient 10 kWh Li-ion battery for propulsion. Designed specifically for Automotive applications, the battery consists of Micropower Group’s well-known Li-ion battery modules.


• The complete Li-ion battery has an impressive reach of 100 km.
• Fully integrated battery charger that recharges the battery to 100% in 3 hours.
• CAN is integrated with the vehicle’s ECU.



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