Complete 24V 300Ah Li-ion battery

Micropower Automotive has developed a complete 24V 300Ah Li-ion battery.

With our modular Lithium ion system LIONBRIX, we have developed a complete energy storage system for both stationary and mobile use.


The battery is perfect for cyclic applications and large consumers. Thanks to high energy density, the battery is up to 50% lighter compared to the corresponding Lithium ion batteries on the market. Designed specifically for Automotive applications, the battery consists of Micropower Group’s well-known Lithium ion battery modules.


The integrated BMS system monitors and ensures a safe installation and makes the battery very easy and safe to use.


  • 24V, 7700Wh
  • 300A continuous discharge current
  • CAN based communication for integration and charger
  • >3000 cycles 80% DOD
  • 55kg
  • 210x420x640mm
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