Organizational Changes in Micropower Group AB

During the Micropower Group Board Meeting, the 20th of June, the Board elected a new CEO and vice President for Micropower Group and Micropower E.D. Marketing AB. The same day, at the General Assembly, Mikael Forslund was elected as new Board Member of Micropower Group.


New CEO of Micropower Group

Micropower Group Board has appointed Torbjörn Gustafsson as the new CEO for Micropower Group. Torbjörn Gustafsson has during the last 6 years been employed as the vice President for Micropower Group AB and has been a member of the Micropower Group Board. With the changes of the CEO positions, Torbjörn Lindgren takes the role of Key Account Manager.


New vice President of Micropower E.D. Marketing AB

Andreas Mattisson was appointed to become vice President at Micropower E.D. Marketing AB. Andreas has during the last 5 years been employed as Production Manager at Micropower E.D. Marketing AB. He will continue as Production Manager parallel to his new role.


New member in the Micropower Group Board

Mikael Forslund was elected to become a Board Member of Micropower Group. Today Mikael Forslund hold the position as CEO for Elof Hansson Group. Micropower Group is very pleased that Mikael has accepted the Board position. His experience in business worldwide and leading international companies will be an asset and support for Micropower Group in the future.