Article in “Elektroniktidningen” regarding Micropower’s production of lithium ion batteries!

Micropower manufactures HF chargers and lithium ion batteries – an article by Anna Wennberg in Elektroniktidningen.

Torbjörn Sundström, vice President at Micropower Lionova, presents Micropower’s production of modular lithium ion batteries in Elektroniktidningen. Today Micropower manufactures both the modular lithium ion battery system LIONBRIX and most of its well-known HF chargers at the production facilities in Växjö, Sweden.


Micropower manufactures the complete LIONBRIX lithium ion battery system – from the LION charger and the BRIX lithium ion battery modules to the battery management system unit, called eBRIX. LIONBRIX is already in serial production, but with the high demand from the market, Micropower will need to expand with additional production sites.


To read more of the article about Micropower and its lithium ion battery system LIONBRIX – go to: article is written in Swedish.