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MICROPOWER GROUP acquires SPECIFICATE INNOVATION – New product range expanding into Lithium-Ion batteries.

Micropower Group has acquired 25% of the shares in Specificate Innovation, a company that has developed a modular system for Lithium-Ion batteries. Micropower Group has the intention of acquiring the remaining shares coming years.

Specificate Innovation has technology and production of complete systems of Lithium-Ion batteries for industrial applications. The system, BatteryBrix, is modular which gives a great flexibility for tailor-made solutions for different applications.


Micropower Group will now be able to offer complete and integrated Lithium-Ion systems including battery modules, control- and monitoring system and chargers. The products and know-how of Specificate Innovation makes a good fit to Micropower existing products, customer base and know-how within battery charging.


The owners and founders of Specificate Innovation, Dag Lundström and Torbjörn Sundström, with their many years of experience in development of Lithium-Ion technology, will continue to manage the company in their present roles.


The battery modules will be produced at the Micropower production facility in Växjö, Sweden, with ramp-up during 2017.


“We have since many years a complete range of chargers and solutions for traditional lead-acid batteries. We have now seen the requirements that follows as Lithium-Ion technology starts to break-through in industrial applications. We understand that Lithium-Ion technology is now mature and different industries are starting to shift from traditional batteries to Lithium-Ion. This change means that charging technology, control and monitoring systems becomes an integrated part with the battery. With the acquisition of Specificate Innovation we have the products, customer base, know-how and solutions within the company and can help our customers in that transition.”, says Torbjörn Lindgren, CEO Micropower Group.


“The partnership with Micropower Group is the perfect platform to take these products to the market. Our customers have always asked for a partner that can supply a complete and integrated solution for Lithium-Ion batteries with control system and charging and now we can offer that”, says Torbjörn Sundström, Chairman of the board, Specificate Innovation.


For more information:


Torbjörn Lindgren, MD / CEO, Micropower Group AB

+46 (0)70 – 352 59 95


Torbjörn Sundström, Chairman of the board, Specificate Innovation AB

+46 (0)73 – 545 27 21