Micropower Day 2018 in Shanghai

The 15th of November, the Micropower Day of 2018 took place in Shanghai.

Last week Micropower Shanghai Ltd. arranged the Micropower Day event. The purpose of the day was to share information about the latest news and developments in Micropower Group.  


On the agenda was both topics regarding product news and development, new product technologies as well as the development plan of Micropower Group. The last was presented by Micropower Group’s CEO Torbjörn Gustafsson who took part of the event.


Some of the main topics during the day was about the product news e.g. the modular lithium ion system LIONBRIX and the latest 45Ah Li-Ion battery module, the function Dynamic Power Limitation (also called DPL) that is available for all chargers (excl. Access 30 and Lion 30), the cloud-based IoT system GET and the NFC functionality in Micropower’s chargers.